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2x Vanilla Extract
2x Almond Vanilla Extract
Ground Vanilla
Madagascan Vanilla Beans
Mannix Vanilla Products
We take pride in our selection of quality vanilla products. All of the products we offer are perfect for personal and professional use and make great unique gifts!

If you have any questions regarding our vanilla products, bulk orders or would just like more information, please contact us.
Vanilla extract brewed to a 2x or double-strength through a natural, cold extraction process. No additives. 
A blend of natural almond extract with our organic vanilla extract brewed to a 2x or double-strength. No additives.
Ground organic Madagascan variety vanilla beans ground to a fine powder. No sugar or other ingredients added. 
Featuring beans imported from the western region of India, our Madagascan variety vanilla beans are long, plump, moist and beautiful! 
​Organic Vanilla Sea Salt
Organic Vanilla Sugar
Mannix Vanilla Organic Vanilla Sea Salt is a combination of Saltworks Pure Ocean Sea Salt and Organic Vanilla Beans.
Starting with minimally processed Florida organic cane sugar, we add ground and whole organic vanilla beans in every jar.