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Try our KISS advice and ground shipping in September!

by The Vanilla Guru on 09/10/12

Description: C:\Users\nmannix\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\BT29VMCX\MC900436241[1].pngIf you listen to the advice of a very experienced cook or chef you'll almost always hear, "Keep it simple!"  It’s easy to forget that when it comes to vanilla and think we must make elegant desserts or fancy treats but in keeping with today's theme, the Vanilla Guru is suggesting to keep it (in this case, using vanilla) SUPER simple. Today's KISS uses our ground vanilla--we dry and grind the entire bean to a consistency of cinnamon.  

K is for giving your ordinary dishes an unexpected and healthy kick. Example: Add ground vanilla to your oatmeal.

I is adding variety to your life by using ground vanilla instead of using another spice. Example:  Try ground vanilla on your applesauce or morning buttered toast.

S is sans sugar--reminding everyone we don't add any sugar, or anything else for that matter, to our vanilla products.

S is for sweet.  Just like adding our double-strength extract, adding ground vanilla will enhance all the other flavors in your dish so if it’s spicy, it will be spicier, sweet will be sweeter, etc.

So this week try KISS with our ground vanilla today.  Now through September call 800-822-8090 and we’ll send it for free!  

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