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Happy 100th Birthday, Julia!

by The Vanilla Guru on 08/15/12

The fact I voted for Emily Ellyn in the last Food Network Star finals might be an indicator that the reality food shows rank high in the Mannix household.  But long before Arti’s Party and Master Chef (nod to Rhonda Sweet who was a MC finalist and uses Mannix Vanilla) I remember being able to count on three TV channels, ABC, CBS and PBS—four, if you count the iffy/fuzzy NBC.  Somewhere in that mix (thinking it was my first PBS experience on black and white TV, of course) I remember seeing Julie Child’s cooking shows.  Foreign in so many ways to the cooking I was raised on, her passion and commitment was evident then and continues to encourage me.  Today, on what would have been her 100th birthday, I think of all she’s influenced over the years and in that honor (although I won’t promise to make one of her recipes every day—a la Julie and Julia) I do promise 3 things in honor of her dedication and passion: (1) I will finally get to reading the book As Always, Julia… (2) I will make her famous Vanilla Soufflé dessert and (3) I will share with you about the first two commitments.  For all my foodie friends who really want to celebrate her, check out PBS.

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