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Getting the Most Out of Your Vanilla Bean

by The Vanilla Guru on 08/17/12

I’m really enjoying my new practice of making quality vegetarian broth for no money just by saving my vegetable discards in the freezer until I need to “stock” up.  So I was thinking…don’t I do this with vanilla beans?  Being in the vanilla business I have access to the freshest beans around but how I can transfer this “use every part” mentality as it relates to vanilla beans?   I realize I already do, so here are my suggestions to get the most of your vanilla bean.  

Start the day with the most amazing French toast by adding ½ of the insides of a bean to your favorite recipe. Google how to split and scrape a bean.  (In keeping with the spirit, I prefer to use leftover French bread.)

Cut that part of the scraped bean in half, throw a piece in your coffee and taste the difference vanilla makes in hot drinks.  Yum! Save the other half of your bean for later.

Need a mid-day pick me up or quick, natural air freshener?   Take the other half of the scraped bean and put it in 1 cup water in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high for two to three minutes. Sit it out on the counter to enjoy your vanilla aromatherapy.

Later, impress your most-love one or two by making their favorite dessert substituting the insides of a fresh Mannix vanilla bean.  Don’t throw out the scraped bean of course!

Start your own vanilla sugar by placing it in a bowl of sugar.  Not enough time, buy ours! J

P.S.  Neutralize paint latex paint odors by using Mannix Vanilla Extract instead. Because ours is double-strength it only takes 6 drops or an 1/8th of a teaspoon for every 3 quarts. Here are the directions.


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