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The Vanilla Blog

More Whipped Cream, Please!

by The Vanilla Guru on 07/07/13

Maureen Abood's blog, Rose Water & Orange Blossomsbreaks down each step of how to make both rich and light whipped cream. It includes the tips many forget to share, such as chilling beaters & bowls and how to save it if you've whipped it too much.  What a find to discover her blog...I'm a fan and sending her samples of our products in hopes she will be a fan of Mannix Vanilla!   

Looking Back at 2012

by The Vanilla Guru on 01/09/13

We're very thankful for the growth of Mannix Vanilla over the past year.  Looking back and reflecting helps us set goals for the future.  So thanks for your loyalty in 2012!  Here are some of this past year's highlights:

Introduction of Vanilla Infused Florida Organic Cane Sugar--This is becoming a local favorite! We're hoping it's our commitment to sell for less with a better product--double the amount of ground vanilla compared to the high end stores around the corner from the Farmer's Market. 

Introduction of Vanilla Infused Olive Oil--Friends and fans have found out there's nothing sweet about using this to sauté or grill your shrimp (we LOVE Wild Ocean's--local, of course!), fresh fruit or vegetables (try plantains, or brush on asparagus) and of course, as a dipping oil for fresh bread.  You could always join the good company of Emeril Lagasse.  He serves vanilla infused olive oil salad dressing at his restaurants!

Finally, the professional labeling with barcodes--this has allowed us to get into local stores (currently in The Meat House and Cavallari Gourmet Market) and hopefully, will open doors as we accomplish our 2013 goal of getting on the shelves at quality grocers, such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

Happy New Year!  The very best to you and yours!

The Mannixes

Baking in a Cast-Iron Skillet...Try this Almond Shortbread

by The Vanilla Guru on 11/20/12

My loving family is not flowery or generous with compliments so when our daughter Liza said that the Almond Skillet Shortbread was "awesome" and  my husband (the real Vanilla Guru, by the way) agreed, I knew that I had a real winner to share with our friends and fans of our own almond-vanilla extract.   A little Mannix history...years ago Mamaw (Mike's grandmother*) and my mother-in-law taught me how to fry anything in cast-iron skillet.  To this day, I'm sure it's the only perfect way to fry chicken, fish, etc. because of the heat distribution. Over the years, I've experimented with baking in it (Mike's favorite way for cornbread) but after this delicious success story, will bake it in more often.  I promise, Mamaw!


Fall Events and Small Business Saturday, November 24

by The Vanilla Guru on 11/09/12

This post is for our local Mannix Vanilla customers.  There are two great events where we hope to see you--Great Day in the Country this Saturday in Oviedo. and Crane's Roost next weekend.  (At the Winter Park Farmer's Market on both Saturdays, always.)  If you can't make it to any event, visit us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for Small Business Saturday.  You can actually get reimbursed for your $20 vanilla purchase by Am Ex.  You need to register your card right away and buy from a local, registered small us! Hard to believe, but we just celebrated our 11th year of being a small, family-owned business.  

Try our KISS advice and ground shipping in September!

by The Vanilla Guru on 09/10/12

Description: C:\Users\nmannix\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\BT29VMCX\MC900436241[1].pngIf you listen to the advice of a very experienced cook or chef you'll almost always hear, "Keep it simple!"  It’s easy to forget that when it comes to vanilla and think we must make elegant desserts or fancy treats but in keeping with today's theme, the Vanilla Guru is suggesting to keep it (in this case, using vanilla) SUPER simple. Today's KISS uses our ground vanilla--we dry and grind the entire bean to a consistency of cinnamon.  

K is for giving your ordinary dishes an unexpected and healthy kick. Example: Add ground vanilla to your oatmeal.

I is adding variety to your life by using ground vanilla instead of using another spice. Example:  Try ground vanilla on your applesauce or morning buttered toast.

S is sans sugar--reminding everyone we don't add any sugar, or anything else for that matter, to our vanilla products.

S is for sweet.  Just like adding our double-strength extract, adding ground vanilla will enhance all the other flavors in your dish so if it’s spicy, it will be spicier, sweet will be sweeter, etc.

So this week try KISS with our ground vanilla today.  Now through September call 800-822-8090 and we’ll send it for free!